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Publicado: 27 de junho de 2014 em Dicas Rápidas Win7, Hackin, Jogo Rápido
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Well… now you need to change n file in the \Windows\System32 folder and the system says “you need permission ..” but, man! you’r the admin!!!! Let’s force the windows … go ninjas go!

Follow this:

Go to the  \Windows folder and click right button on the “System32” folder. Choose:

 – Properties
– Properties of System32, and click “Advanced “

In the “Advanced Security Settings System32”, click the owner tab and  “Edit”

In this window (with the same name) “Advanced Security Settings System32” click in “Administrators (YourAccount\Administrators)”, check the “Replace owner on sub-containers and objects” and click “Ok”.

At this point, the folder owner became the Administrator user and all accounts with the same power (including yours, of course)
Close all windows that were open until only the initial window (“Properties System32”) , and in this window, in the “Security” tab , click the “Edit”.

In the “Permissions for System32″ select the ” Administrators ( YourAccountName\Administrators)” , check the box account “Full Control” (all permissions will be marked by selecting this option) and click “Ok”
Click “Ok” from System32 Properties to finish.

Ready . Enjoy with caution full access to System32 folder .

#Edit: After doing the “fixes” above , it may be that the system doesn’t give you permission to modify specific files… to solve, just click right on the file, go to Properties – > Security – > Edit (for change permissions)… in the window that opens, click Add, enter your username and click OK in the Permissions window, click your user and check the “Full Control” box.

Bingo! Win the chicken and Badows lost control… (6)

Sorry for the poor translation


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